Der Raktefakt Klan wurde im Oktober des Jahres 2002 im XORG Neocron unter dem Namen Rent A Killer gegryndet. Auch waren wir fyr einige Zeit unter dem Namen Radical Ass Kickers aktiv. Später spielten wir Star Wars Galaxies und zuletzt World of Warcraft.
Nach großer Enttäuschung yber Earthrise warten wir noch immer auf komplexe und fordernde MMORPGs.
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Voice Chat

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The Raktefakt Klan provides a voice chat server as central meeting point for its members and their social activities.

How to connect

To connect to to the Raktefakt Klan's voice chat server you will need the Mumble client software installed. Usually it takes about 5-10 minutes to get this configured to be ready for daily use. It is highly recommended to closely follow the directions of Mumble's audio configuration wizard to achieve the best results with least effort.

Client software is available for

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS
and can be downloaded here.

After Mumble is successfully installed on your system, you can connect to our server by clicking the following button:
Click to connect

Alternatively you can also manually connect to the following address through Mumble:


  • Transmitting any kind of noise must be avoided.
  • Sending anything else than your own voice requires the explicit permission by all current channel inhabitants.
  • Users have to ensure that their audio hardware performs correctly and that their Mumble configuration is not annoying other users.
  • When important information is being transmitted, less important communication must be held back.

Why Mumble?

Some people might wonder why we use Mumble instead of its competitors Ventrillo and TeamSpeak. Here a short explanation:

One of the biggest advantages of Mumble is that it is open source software that everyone can use and/or modify free of charge and which plays nicely with all kinds of different operating systems. It is actively developed by a community of volunteers who are very helpful and open for suggestions. A good part of the features of Mumble today were requested by members of the Raktefakt Klan in the early days of Mumble's development. As we care a lot for privacy, another big advantage of Mumble is its use of publicly defined and therefore trustworthy cryptography for authentication and full encryption of voice communication. Additionally Mumble appeals through its clean and simplistic system design, high voice quality and low communication latency.

More information about the Mumble project can be found on its official website.

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